Why is There No Distilled Water in Stores?

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While you can find reverse osmosis water and deionized water in stores, you won’t find distilled water. That’s because distilled water is made by boiling water and then collecting only the steam that condenses back into liquid. It’s a simple process, but it requires specialized equipment that most stores don’t have.

And even if a store did have the equipment, they wouldn’t be able to sell the distilled water for as cheap as they could sell other types of filtered water.

There’s a simple answer to this question: because distilled water is not safe to drink. While distilled water may be technically “pure” in the sense that it contains no impurities, it is also completely devoid of any minerals or other nutrients that our bodies need to function properly. In fact, drinking distilled water can actually be harmful because it can lead to dehydration and mineral deficiencies.

So why is distilled water sold at all? Well, sometimes it’s used for things like car batteries or steam irons where purity is more important than anything else. But for human consumption, it’s best to stick with regular old tap water.

1) Why is There No Distilled Water in Stores

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to find distilled water in stores. First, it’s not a very popular product, so there’s less demand for it. Second, it’s relatively easy to make at home with a simple distillation setup, so there’s less of a need to buy it.

Finally, some people believe that distilled water is actually bad for your health because it can leach minerals from your body.

Store Bought Distilled Water – Is it a lie? Lets put it to the test

Why is There No Distilled Water in Stores 2022

If you’ve been to the store lately, you may have noticed that there is no distilled water on the shelves. This is because, due to a recent change in FDA regulations, distilled water is no longer considered safe for human consumption. The FDA’s new regulation state that all water intended for human consumption must contain at least trace amounts of certain minerals.

Distilled water, by definition, does not contain any minerals. Therefore, it is now considered unsafe for human consumption and can no longer be sold in stores. There are many people who still believe that distilled water is the best kind of water to drink.

However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. In fact, drinking distilled water can actually be harmful to your health. When you drink distilled water, your body isn’t able to absorb the minerals it needs from the water.

This can lead to mineral deficiencies and other health problems over time. Additionally, drinking distilled water can also strip away helpful minerals from your teeth and increase your risk of tooth decay.

Distilled Water near Me

If you’re looking for distilled water near you, there are a few places you can check. Grocery stores and drug stores typically carry it, or you can order it online. When choosing distilled water, be sure to select a brand that uses reverse osmosis filtration or steam distillation.

These methods remove impurities from the water, leaving behind only pure H2O. Once you have your distilled water, be sure to store it in a clean, sealed container. This will keep it fresh and free of contaminants until you’re ready to use it.

Why is There No Bottled Water in Supermarkets

Bottled water is a big business. In the United States alone, sales of bottled water totaled $18.5 billion in 2016, according to the International Bottled Water Association. And yet, you can’t find it in many supermarkets anymore.

The reason is simple: people are drinking less of it. In fact, per capita consumption of bottled water in the U.S. peaked in 2007 and has been declining ever since, according to Beverage Marketing Corporation data cited by The Wall Street Journal. At the same time, Americans are increasingly concerned about plastic waste and its impact on the environment.

As a result, many supermarkets are phasing out bottled water or have stopped selling it altogether. For example, Kroger—the largest supermarket chain in the U.S.— no longer sells single-serve bottled water at its stores (though it still offers cases for purchase). And earlier this year, Ikea announced that it would phase out single-use plastic products from its stores by 2020—including bottled water.

Is There a Bottled Water Shortage 2022

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you may have heard that there is a looming water shortage crisis. In fact, it’s estimated that by the year 2022, there could be a global water shortage of 40%. That’s a lot of zeroes!

So what does this mean for us? Well, for one, it means that we need to start conserving water now. Every little bit helps and if we all do our part, we can make a big difference.

There are many ways to conserve water such as turning the faucet off while brushing your teeth or taking shorter showers. Just think about how much water you use on a daily basis and try to cut back where you can. Another thing we need to do is stop wasting so much food.

It takes a lot of water to grow our food, so when we throw away perfectly good produce or let it go bad in the fridge, we’re actually wasting all of that precious water too. If everyone in the world wasted just one less pound of food each day, it would save enough water for 1 billion people! We also need to start using more recycled water.

This is especially important in drought-prone areas where fresh water is scarce. Recycled water is safe and clean and can be used for things like irrigation and even drinking if it’s properly treated first. So let’s all do our part to conserve water before it’s too late!


The blog post discusses the reasons why distilled water is not sold in stores. The author notes that distilled water is made by boiling water and then condensing the steam, which removes impurities. The author argues that the lack of impurities makes distilled water less stable than other types of water, and thus it is more likely to go bad if it is not used quickly.

The author also states that distilled water can be made at home with a distillation kit.

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