What Is Hvacbuster?

Are you looking for the best HVAC system for your home or office to keep your place cool or warm during the winter or summer? If so, you have landed at the right place, and we warmly welcome you to the Hvacbuster! Hvacbuster is operated by a group of HVAC technicians or HVAC techs who have extensive knowledge of different HVAC devices and their overall system. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for the best HVAC setup for a small residential space or a prominent commercial place; the team of  Hvacbuster is always here to guide you to suitable HVAC devices. Our ultimate goal is to guide you to the proper HVAC devices or a complete HVAC system according to your budget.

Who We Are?

HVACBuster is the place where a few professionals in the field puts their expertise together. With a common goal of helping people find the best HVAC device, install it right, and use it efficiently, we work together under the supervision of Joseph Hebert. He’s an HVAC professional with hands-on experience of over 13 years. We hope to give you the ultimate guide that helps you with complete HVAC jobs, whether it’s a DIY project or need a buying guide.

Editorial Guidelines

Each content you find here on Hvacbuster is coming through by following a rigorous, well-organized editorial guideline. We set up the editorial policy to ensure that every piece of information we deliver is  100% authentic and errorless. We know you have strong trust among us, and we value that more than anything else. It doesn’t matter whatever it takes or how hard it is for us to find the authentic information; we will not make any compromise here. All we want is to see is your happy face at the end of the day!

Review Board

Finding the correct information on the internet is not an easy fish to fry. To find authentic information, you must fact-check the data and cross-check the information several times to ensure all the data is accurate and errorless. However, you don’t need to do any of these things while looking for the best HVAC devices. Our expertise review board will do that on behalf of you. All of our team members are certified experts in this field; then again, we build the review board with their best.

How We Make Our Product Reviews

We make our product reviews based on three fundamental steps: Market Analysis, Product Analysis, and Data Validity. At first, we separated our team members into small sub-groups and assigned them individual tasks based on their expertise. Once the team members are allocated into small subgroups, they dive into their individual tasks.

Our research & investigation team starts the product review process with the market analysis. They look for the best product of the most popular brands and preliminary select the top products of the best brands. Later our expert team analyzed the preliminary selected products. Through product analysis, they look for the core features of the products and separated the products from the preliminary list to the final product list based on their main features and characteristics.

Once we got the list of final products, our editorial team start rechecking their features and characteristics for ensuring data validity. We also read the reviews of these products’ real buyer’s reviews to get real-life experiences. After product analysis and data validity, if the editorial group found all the information accurate they handed the data to our writing team to write a detailed review of those products with complete buying guidelines.

Our Team

Joseph Hebert

Joseph is the editorial head and the founder of this site, Hvacbuster. By profession, he’s an HVAC technician who has been in this field for almost 13 years. Joseph has created this site Hvacbuster to share his knowledge and decade of experience about HVAC devices with people who don’t have any prior knowledge about HVAC devices. Joseph brings some of his colleagues and HVAC technicians to work with him to provide more precise information. His only vision is to guide everyone with the right product, whoever is looking for HVAC devices.

Paul C. Daniel

Paul is a deputy editor and our research and investigation team leader. He is an HVAC technician who works in a renowned HVAC devices manufacturing industry as a technical assistant. It’s been almost eight years he’s been in this field, and there is nothing about HVAC devices that Paul doesn’t know. That’s why we brought him to our team, and now he is the one who is leading our whole research group.

Sidney A. Bronner

Sidney is the head of our technical writing team. He joins us as a content developer, and now he is leading our writing department. After completing his graduation in linguistics and bachelor’s degree in journalism, he started his professional career as a staff writer for a renowned tech magazine firm; later, he worked for many writing agencies and magazine firms in his professional life.  He has been in the field of writing for more than 16 years, and he knows very well how to deliver information most easily.