Can You Burn Wood in a Pellet Stove?

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Can you burn wood in a pellet stove? The answer is yes, but there are some things to keep in mind. Pellet stoves are designed to burn pellets, which are made of compressed sawdust.

However, they can also burn other types of fuel, including wood.

How to burn Wood Pellets in a regular wood stove

  • Select a dry, well-seasoned piece of wood that is small enough to fit in your pellet stove
  • Avoid using green or wet wood, as this will produce more smoke and creosote buildup
  • Place the piece of wood on the grate inside the pellet stove, and open the door to the firebox
  • Use a lighter or match to ignite the wood at one end, and allow it to burn until it is fully engulfed in flames
  • Close the door to the firebox, and adjust the damper as needed to maintain a consistent burning temperature inside the stove

-Can You Burn Wood in a Pellet Stove

Assuming you are referring to a wood pellet stove, the answer is yes, you can burn wood in it. A wood pellet stove is designed to burn compressed pellets made from sawdust or other wood waste products. However, some models are equipped with a grate that allows you to burn larger pieces of wood.

Pellet Stoves are Designed to Burn Pellets Only

Pellet stoves have special burn pots that are designed to hold pellets. These burn pots have a small hole in the bottom that allows air to enter and ignite the pellets. The pellets are then burned in a controlled manner, providing heat to the room.

Pellet stoves typically have a fan that circulates the hot air from the stove, providing even heating throughout the room.

Burning Wood in a Pellet Stove Will Damage the Unit And Void the Warranty

If you’re considering using wood pellets to fuel your home’s pellet stove, think again. Burning wood in a pellet stove will damage the unit and void the warranty. Pellet stoves are designed to burn compressed sawdust pellets made from recycled wood waste.

These pellets are a uniform size and shape, which helps them burn more evenly and efficiently than chunks of firewood. Wood pellets also produce less smoke and creosote buildup than burning firewood does. The high temperatures reached when burning wood can damage a pellet stove’s internal components, including the auger that feeds pellets into the combustion chamber and the heat exchanger that transfers heat from the combustion chamber to the room being heated.

In addition, any warranties on your pellet stove will likely be voided if you burn anything other than pellets in it. So if you want to keep your pellet stove running smoothly and avoid voiding its warranty, stick with burning only wood pellets in it.


Yes, you can burn wood in a pellet stove, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the wood must be dry and well-seasoned. Second, the pellets need to be of a high quality so that they don’t create too much ash.

Third, it’s important to clean out the stove regularly to prevent any buildup of creosote.

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